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Everything Through Design

Zephyr Design is an innovative design house creating unique experience for end users.

Our services includes Graphic Design, Visual Identity, Branding, UXUI designs, Digital Marketing and Solution services. We help clients to achieve their business targets with unique design and innovation solutions.

We Are The Modern Alchemist

From symbolism, psychology, linguistics, to storytelling, visual communication or even ethnography. Zephyr Design believes in comprehending, transformation and re-construction to perform the best design which fits for your corporatie in the new era. We design with a craftsmanship spirit, and keep exploring the possibilities, as well as new experiences or environments.



Zephyr Design is a Hong Kong based studio which provides design & production service for different demands. We have various design speciallist at different fields, e.g. Graphic Illustrations, Branding, UXUI Design, Interactive Design, Service Design or even Interior Design...

Our studio is passionate about combining different aspects of production together, as a means to craft your brand distinctly, and expand the possibilities for business with innovative creativities. W unique in the market which is capable of supporting both design and innovative solutions production from end to end. We serve our clients wholeheartedly for the best tailor-made results.

Design, Art and Technology
New Media Solutions
Comprehensive Design Types
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Designing in

New Digital Age

Design should not be specified by the media. Rather than providing specific service or solution for a single campaign, our studio creates values for the corporates with design thinking. We design all we can, from visual graphics to product development, marketing strategy. As a result we experienced such productions as brand identities, installation arts, or even technology product development.

Integrating Designs for

Best Result

We seek all the way we can do for performing the best solution for clients. There is always a gap in delivering the message. Usually the others pick the way that is easiest to deliver a message, but Zephyr Design integrates different kinds of media to deliver your value in a most effective way with our rich experiences in all kinds of media.

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Experience DesignExperience DesignExperience DesignExperience DesignBrand IdentityBrand IdentityVisual CreationsVisual Creations
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Visual Creations

All things come up with visuals. Our expertise in creating any kind of visual graphics. From traditional graphic design to 3D Animations. We pick the best way to perform the most beauty.


Brand Identity

Expressing the spirit and vision.Not only in visuals but also with marketing strategy. As a communicationbetween company and target audiences, our studio helps corporates to build uptheir own image, express their unique spirit and vision with identity design.

brand identity sample
experience design sample

Experience Design

Expand the boundaries by design thinking. We believe that atmosphere and user experience are important for a design. God is in the details. Our team decodes user experience part to parts. We keep researching and exploring deeper in user experience and customer journeys.


Interactive Solutions

One is all, we integrated complicated works into one. Adaptation is important in the new era. Digital products and mixing reality makes the most fancy ideas come true. We have strong programming team and hardware support for producing tailor made interactive solutions for the business or promotions.

Interactive Designs  sample

Works / Highlights



Award Winning:
We are delighted to announce that our work has been awarded Silver Award by The DFL International Design Award!
Office Relocation :
Dear clients, please note that our office address is moved to Unit 608, 6/F, TusPark, 118 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong.
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